Pohaha I Ka Lani Logo, 100% Cotton Mens Long Sleeve



Support Pōhāhā I Ka Lani programs & stewardship with a natural, 100% cotton long sleeve shirt.

The name Pōhāhā I Ka Lani is inspired by lines in the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian Creation Chant. It was chosen by Kūlia and her makuakāne (father), James Tolentino Jr., for itʻs layered meanings, with itʻs meaning still driving the continued efforts of the organization.

As an organization, we translate the phrase “Pōhāhā I Ka Lani” as “the emergence of intelligent stewardship to perpetuate and advance Hawaiian resources” for our inspiration and guidance.

The Pōhāhā I Ka Lani logo is on the back, with the logo referencing our original site of Nāpoʻopoʻo in Waipiʻo Valley. The logo symbolizes the cycle of the valley with the sun, water, and taro, with the water also symbolizing shark scales connecting to the stories and legends of sharks of Waipiʻo Valley.

The organization name “Pōhāhā I Ka Lani” is also on the left sleeve.


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 1 in

Forest Green, Safety Green, Pink




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